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Learn From Your Peers

Because Students can also be the best Teachers

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How We Do It

LearnFromPeers has worked with orphanages and communities all over India to provide end-to-end working models for effective digital skill trainings.


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Build The Lab

Internet connection, computer systems, getting the first students – we provide step-by-step support to getting started

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Upskill the Students

Hands-on curriculums, resources and mentoring support are made available to students

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Learn By Teaching

Effective Peers-driven learning models are put in place to develop a healthy learning environment

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Generate Employment

Students learn industry-relevant skills and get paid internship support by completing the program.

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Peer-Learning approach

How we are different

We train a small batch of students.
These students in turn run their own classrooms and guide 100s more!

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The Curriculum

A designed curriculum with all the resources and materials for teachers to use in the learning pods and help students understand computer basics and advance skills.


Level 1 – Basic [2 weeks / 10 hours]

  • Mouse and Keyboard Practice
    • RoomRecess, Mouse Practice, ZTY.PE, typing master, etc….
  • Basic Computer
    • Shortcut Keys, Files and Folder, etc…
  • Google
    • Google Account, and its uses.

Level 2 – Basic [3 months / 60 hours]

Scratch & WordPress


  • Basic Scratch
    • Game Development
  • Basic WordPress
    • Web Development

Level 3 – Advance [3 months / 60 hours]



  • Basic WordPress
    • Web Development (1 months )
  • Advance WordPress
    • Web Development (2 months )
  • Internship
    • 1 week training
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Level 4 & 5 – Basic to Advance
[6 months / 120 hours]

  • HTML and CSS
    • Basic to Advance (3 months)
  • JS
    • Basic to Advance (1 months)
  • ReactJS
    • Basic (1 months)
  • Internship
    • 1 week training

The Impact

Providing an alternative to the traditional education (Click the impact Box to know more)

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70% Girl Students

"Co-Ed” class: This class welcomes students of all genders and provides a diverse and inclusive learning environment


600+ Students Registered

“600 students have officially registered, we’re excited to see the turnout for our course!"

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70% Students through mouth-to-mouth

We’re thrilled to see that 70% of our new students found out about us through word-of-mouth, it’s a true indication of the quality of our program.


LFP Students in Action

LFP Students have trained 100s of students and have helped build 100s of projects! Here is a glimpse of the students and their projects

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Batch Sept’22 – Jan’22 (A)

Batch Sept'22 - Jan'22 (A)
Feb23 April23 A

Batch Feb’23 – April’23 (A)

Batch Feb'23 - April'23 (A)
April23 April23 D

Batch April’23 – April’23 (D) – Nashik Batch

Batch April’23 – April’23 (D) - Nashik Batch

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UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Our Efforts Support the SDGs (Click the SDGs Box to know more)


Quality Education

"Through technological resources, teacher training, and learning assistance for children, we enhance access to high-quality education and democratize access to computing."


Gender Equality

"We put a lot of effort into making sure that our learning methods and opportunities promote gender equality. We aim to spread knowledge widely and achieve gender equity in education."


Decent Work and Economic

"We put a lot of effort into making sure that our learning methods and opportunities promote gender equality. We aim to spread knowledge widely and achieve gender equity in education."


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

"To support economic growth and human well-being, we seek to construct high-quality, dependable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure in the education sector, emphasising ensuring every student has access to it."

Receive mentoring, resources, and support to setup your first classroom!

Setup an LFP classroom in your area!

With our help, your neighbourhood can also be empowered with digital skills and jobs of the future!

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Memories and Glimpses of LFP


Know what People say about us and our services

Our Team

The sweat and blood of over 35 individuals is spent every day to deliver the best quality of education and service to all our partners and clients.
LFP is the brainchild of the following entrepreneurs:


Have you got a question?

If you are a non-profit or your organisation works with kids in India, you can avail our services at no extra cost!

The pricing of our services depends on the number of students being serviced. This price will include a one-time installment cost and a recurring monthly / annual service cost.
Please contact us at learnfrompeer@gmail.com to know more.

We assure you, our prices are quite reasonable and our services, exceptional!


LFP aims to empower the student

Did We Miss Anything?

Reach out to us at    learnfrompeer@gmail.com 😊

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