Dubey Abhinav

Oct 2021 Batch

He was a student of LFP’s first batch of students and was replaced at BeyondExams in January 2022, where he is learning and developing his abilities after completing our three-month web development course with an internship.

What Abhinav dubey has to say? ->

“I began my journey as a web developer student at Morethanmarks, where I was an average student who completed his course with many self-made projects, to which my mentors were impressed and saw something in me, so from there I was placed as an intern at Beyondexams and Morethammarks, where I spent months growing and building myself. I created several projects and dynamic landing pages.
As an intern, I’ve learned WordPress, Figma(basic), Wix, and canva, and I’m still acquiring more professional abilities.” – Dubey Abhinav

Success Story

From Student to Senior Freelancing WordPress Developer and Mentor

Success stories are always inspiring, especially when they involve individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable accomplishments. One such story is that of Abhinav Dubey, a talented individual who joined the LearnFromPeers program in August 2021 as a student and has now emerged as a senior freelancing/intern WordPress developer. Not only has he excelled in his work, but he has also selflessly volunteered to guide other students as a mentor, successfully mentoring over 20 individuals. Let’s delve into Abhinav’s journey and discover how he has transformed his passion for WordPress into a thriving career.

Abhinav’s journey began when he enrolled in the LearnFromPeers program, eager to enhance his skills and knowledge in WordPress development. From the very start, it was clear that Abhinav possessed a natural talent and an unwavering passion for Web Development and Web Design. His dedication and commitment to mastering the craft set him apart from his peers, and it wasn’t long before his potential caught the attention of his mentors.

Under the guidance of experienced Mentors, Abhinav’s skills flourished. He quickly grasped the intricacies of WordPress development and started working on various real-world projects. His ability to adapt and learn new techniques allowed him to tackle complex tasks with ease, earning him recognition within the program and beyond.

As Abhinav’s expertise grew, so did his opportunities. Recognizing his talent, Abhinav started taking on freelancing projects, showcasing his skills to clients around the world. His dedication to delivering quality work and meeting deadlines earned him a reputation for excellence. Soon, he was juggling multiple projects simultaneously, managing his time efficiently, and delivering exceptional results.

While Abhinav’s freelancing career was flourishing, he never forgot the importance of giving back. Inspired by his own mentors, he decided to become a mentor himself and guide other aspiring developers. With his vast knowledge and experience, Abhinav became a valuable resource for students in the LearnFromPeers program. His patient and supportive approach helped build the confidence of his mentees, allowing them to excel in their own WordPress development journeys.

Abhinav’s dedication as a mentor has yielded remarkable results. Through his guidance, more than 20 students have successfully honed their skills and embarked on their own paths to success. Abhinav’s ability to understand the unique challenges faced by each student and provide tailored guidance has been instrumental in their growth. His commitment to his mentees extends beyond their time in the program, as he continues to support them in their professional endeavors.

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