Shailendra Jaiswar

Shailendra Jaiswar
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Shailendra Jaiswar

Shailendra Jaiswar is an excellent and most experienced mentor in our team. He is the most creative and amazing mentor who has taught Basic Computer to more than 500+ students.

He is the most experienced teacher at LearnFromPeers (LFP), is dedicated to imparting knowledge, and is also a lover of social media, movies, and online series. With a profound passion for teaching, Shailendra brings his wealth of experience to the classroom, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. His diverse interests and enthusiasm resonate with students, making learning an enjoyable and interactive experience. Shailendra’s expertise and contemporary interests make him a truly exceptional and relatable mentor at LFP.

Success Story

Shailendra Jaiswar: Empowering Students Through LearnFromPeers

In the realm of education, some individuals go above and beyond to make a lasting impact. Shailendra Jaiswar, a remarkable individual with an unwavering passion for teaching, is one such person. Since joining the LearnFromPeers program in February 2022 as a student, Shailendra has embarked on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and transformation. Today, he stands tall as a mentor, dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge of basic computer skills. Through his selfless efforts, Shailendra has become a beacon of hope for those who cannot afford traditional learning avenues.

Shailendra’s journey began when he took his first step into the LearnFromPeers program, seeking to expand his own horizons. As he delved into the world of computer education, he discovered a genuine passion for teaching and helping others unlock their potential. Recognizing the immense impact he could make, Shailendra decided to pay it forward and become a mentor himself.

With an unparalleled dedication to making education accessible, Shailendra has committed himself to mentor students in basic computer skills, free of charge. He firmly believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of financial constraints. By offering his expertise and guidance, Shailendra has opened doors of opportunity for countless students who would otherwise be left behind.

In addition to his commitment to teaching basic computer skills, Shailendra Jaiswar goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of foreign individuals facing language barriers. Recognizing the challenges they encounter in communication, Shailendra selflessly dedicates his time to teach this group of people, enabling them to overcome language barriers and connect with others more effectively. Through his patient and compassionate approach, Shailendra empowers these individuals with the confidence and skills to navigate daily interactions, fostering a sense of belonging and integration within their new environment. His efforts exemplify the power of education in breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity.


LearnFromPeers has worked with orphanages and community-run schools all over India to provide end-to-end working models for effective education. Learn from experts with us, become an expert with us, and teach your peers with us.

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