Aniket Kadam

LFP Manager at NCT

Aniket Kadam is an exceptional program manager at LearnFromPeers. With his keen attention to detail and organizational skills, he efficiently oversees the entire program. Aniket not only manages the day-to-day operations but also plays a crucial role in mentoring the participants, ensuring they receive the guidance and support they need to succeed. His expertise in handling data and files ensures that all information is properly documented and readily accessible. Aniket takes charge of the admission process, carefully selecting the most suitable candidates to participate in the program. Additionally, he recognizes the importance of meeting the basic necessities of the mentors, creating a conducive environment for their growth and development. Aniket also works closely with external organizations such as Narayan Chandra Trust and Beyond Exams, forging valuable partnerships to further enhance the impact of LearnFromPeers. With Aniket’s dedication and leadership, the program continues to thrive and empower young minds.

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